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When - and how can I join the classes?

You can join the classes at any time. 

All you have to do is come to the studio after you booked the class of your choice under "Booking".

(You cannot book the Junior Course and Performing Group  classes under booking. For more information on these click on the dedicated button in the menu).

How beginner are the beginner classes?

The beginner classes start from zero at the beginning of the season (September).

  During the year we work on a specific training, which

is relatively easy and can be picked up quite fast.

Don't be afraid to join the beginner classes during the year!

What should I wear, what should I take to class?

Bring any clothes you feel comfortable moving around in (just maybe not your baggiest sweater  so your movements are visible). 


A good pair of socks will come in handy, ones that are not too slippery (thicker cotton socks).

A water bottle will be useful too. 

What can I expect, what happens at class? 

On the beginner classes we do a lot of explaining, and repeat the exercises if necessary.

On the advances classes there is less explaining, the exercises and choreographies are more complex.


On each class we learn a new choreography.

How do I pay?

When you book a class you have the option to choose the payment method. You can choose to  pay with paypal, credit card, or even choose to pay on site (with cash or card) at the dance studio.

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