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Evening classes for Adults

Our evening classes are recommended for beginners as well more advanced dancers. You can choose between two class levels every evening during the week.

If you would like to progress and grow quickly and easily, then we recommend a minimum of 2 classes a week. You can even pair the modern and ballet classes, as the two styles reinforce each other. 



István Kőnig
(Modern dance teacher, choreographer, rehearsal coach)

So far I dedicated my life to dance, and if I had to start again I wouldn't change a thing. As a child I studied at a school that offered a broad range of dance genres and styles to its students. After about 20 years I opened my own dance school and started my own dance company. Every moment of my journey was a learning process and even though it was a battle at times, for the most part I really did enjoy the challenge.

2020 - 2022• Hungarian Dance University - Dance Teacher MA -
Specialising in Modern Dance

2017 - 2020 • Hungarian Dance University -
Dancer and Rehearsal Coaching BA - Specialising in Modern Dance

2011 - 2013 • Elite Training Program (Béla Földi - Budapest Dance Theatre)

2008 - 2011 • Semmelweis University Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science - Conductive Education BA

Professional experience (teaching): Oktogon Dance Center, A12, Táncfúzió (National Dance Theatre), Hungarian Dance University, Professional Training Institutions...

Professional experience (performing): Budapest Dance Theatre, Inversedance, Pr-evolution Dance Company, A12 Dance Theatre...

Adult Classes: 

You can join our 90 min classes for adults with either a class ticket or an A12 passes. 

(Book your classes online ) - here

class ticket: 3500 huf

pass: 15.000 huf / 5 occasions (valid for 5 weeks from the day of purchase)

You can buy your pass or class ticket during the process of booking a class. If you buy your pass while booking, the system will take you back to the booking page, where you can finalize the booking with your newly purchased pass.


Private Lessons: We offer modern and classical ballet private lesson. Please contact us personally or on the phone to discuss the details:
60 mins: 15.000 huf

90 mins: 20.000 huf


  • Please always book the class you want to join. Please keep in mind, that if you don't show up, we can only cancel the booked occasion from your A12 pass in the case of sickness or an emergency. 

  • A booked class cannot be canceled 24 hours before the class. 

  • You can book the classes untill the last minute before the class (as long as the class is not full)

  • The Performing Groups and Junior program have a different payment structure.

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