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A12 Dance Studio and Art Community

Modern, Art jazz | A12 | Budapest 

István Kőnig is the founder of the A12 Dance Studio. He studied human kinesiology at the Semmelweis University in Budapest, and received his master's degree at the Hungarian Dance Academy. He was a dancer at the Budapest Dance Company, Inversedance and PR-Evolution, where he also gained his theater experience. The A12 Dance Studio was founded in January 2018 with the goal of creating a space, where individuals can freely learn, teach, create - in other words: dance. 

Modern-contemporary dance and classical ballet are the studio's main profile. The studio aims to build a bridge between those who are just becoming familiar with the art of dance and those who dance on a daily basis. For this reason we have completely beginner classes, where the we start from the basics, as well as advanced sessions, where we prepare the dancers for performances. 

The A12 Dance Studio is a perfect choice, if you are looking for a place to exercise, mentally recharge and learn more about the art of dance. During the summer we host intensive workshops, where the participants can get  a glimpse into the world of a dancer, and continue their journey down this road. The workshops are held by dancers, who are among the currently most outstanding in their field (Levente Bajári, András Balogh, Vivien Csokán, Bettina Jurák, Lóránd Zachár).

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