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Kőnig István

Kőnig István

My first dance experience was in the Harmonia dance school, where ballroom dance became competitive dance, and I felt that I needed some kind of ballet background, to support my competitive dance technique. Due to my lack of confidence the farthest I got was jazz-ballet. Thankfully a few years later ballet (Balogh András) also became a part of my self-education. Next to the ballet classes I got to know the Budapest Dance Theatre and the dance company's leader Földi Béla. I think this is the point, where my love and commitment to dancing  became irreversible. I danced in the Budapest Dance Theater and had the chance to work together with the INVERSEDANCE|Fodor Zoltán Company. I got my bachelor degree in Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the Semmelweis University in Budapest in 2011. In 2017 I started my studies of Dance and Rehearsal Coaching at the Hungarian Dance Academy.

2020 - 2022• Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem - Táncpedagógus Msc - Moderntánc specializáció
2017 - 2020 • Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem - Táncos és próbavezető Bsc - Moderntánc specializáció
2011 - 2013 • Elit Képzés (Földi Béla - Budapest Táncszínház)
2008 - 2011 • Semmelweis Egyetem Testnevelési és Sporttudományi Kar - Mozgástudomány Bsc
Szakmai tapasztalat (oktatás területén): Oktogon Tánc Centrum, A12, Táncfúzió (Nemzeti Táncszínház), Magyar Táncművészeti Egyetem, Szakképzési intézmények...

Szakmai tapasztalat (előadói területen): Budapest Táncszínház, Inversedance, Pr-evolution Dance Company, A12 Táncszínház...
Erdélyi Kata

I started dancing as a preschooler, and was an active member of the Cholnoky Mozgásművészeti Studio's competing dance group untill the age of 18. This is also where I started my teaching career. I started teaching dance in 2007, taught in Veszprém and that are untill 2011, and am working as an instructor at the Mozdulatcsiszoló Táncűhely in Budapest since 2011. During the last couple of years I worked with preschoolers, school kids and adults alike, and had the possibility to gain experience abroad through different dance courses. In 2008 I completed the Modern - Contemorary dance group leader course at the Táncpedagógusok Országos Szövetsége in Budapest.

I believe, that the connection between dance and music is one of the most important pillars in education, my musical background (chello, piano) play a significant part in my teaching method.


I have been dancing since the age of 4 or 5 and have basically tried all styles and types since. I have been involved in and working with my favourite one - ballet - for more then 12 years. During this time I had the chance to learn from a lot of great ballet masters. I soon realised, that a performers career was not for me and that instead I love to teach - which I have been doing since 2014. I already got my ballet bachelors degree at the Hungarian Dance Academy and am currently doing my ballet masters at the Academy.

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